Registre Register

Register of Vehicles by Country Registration

 Serial numberYear of constructionOwner, DomicileCountryModel/TypeChassis
Picture of the vehicleUndefined1926K. H., FeldkirchenAT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle135581923P. A., HerzogenburgATLC2
Picture of the vehicle445691924H. M., KlagenfurtATLC3
Picture of the vehicle619351925L. K. H., ZwettlAT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle1035231923M. A., ThalgauAT2C2
Picture of the vehicle28241922I. J., PergAT2C3
Picture of the vehicle64691922T. C., Pearce CanberraAUSSpec.C2
Picture of the vehicleUndefined1924S. I., Coffs HarborAUST2C3
540821925M. K., Morayfield QLD AustraliaAUST3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle715061923M. T., UnknownAUSSpec.C3
185481924E. A., WoodburyAUST2C3
Picture of the vehicle772851925Motorlife Museum, Kembla GrangeAUST2C3
Picture of the vehicleUndefined1924F. G., VictoriaAUSSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle672641923T. L., Croydon Sth.AUST2C3
Picture of the vehicle315151924M. R., Denmark W.A.AUST2C3
Picture of the vehicle711081924M. M., DrouinAUSSpec.C3
396291924H. A., Old NoarlungaAUSVLC3
Picture of the vehicle386461922W. R., PadburyAUST2C3
UndefinedUndefinedA. D., KlemzigAUSUndefinedUndefined
Picture of the vehicle251621924S. R., MeuxBT2C3
476971925L. Z., BruxellesBT3-2C3
567131925V. P., ChaudfontaineBT3-1C3
516091926L. G. P., BruxellesBT2C3
Picture of the vehicle284111924D. R., GeraardsbergenBT2C3
234701924D. C. A., Impe (Lede)BT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle693751923Oldtimerfarm, AalterBTLC3
Picture of the vehicle743821922Oldtimerfarm, AalterBSpec.C3
620791925S. G., Havrè-mons-BelgiqueBT3-2Undefined
Picture of the vehicle429091924C. A., BruxellesBTLC3
Picture of the vehicle421421924v. C. U., AnderlechtBSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle372411925L. M. J.-P., HornuBT3-2C3
95671923N. A., FarciennesBT2C3
Picture of the vehicle361551923v. F. N., PuursBSpec.C3
390991924Autocollectie Gh. Mahy, GentBT2C3
606691925Autocollectie Gh. Mahy, GentBSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle141691923G. J., FleurusBT3-2C3
561611923S. , BruxellesBUndefinedC3
441001924P. C., GerpinnesBTLC3
Undefined1925Autocollectie Gh. Mahy, GentBSpec.C3
507001925V. L., OostakkerBT3-2C3
666911925R. M., PommeroeulBT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicleUndefined1923D. K., HarelbekeBSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle331721924N. T., DesselBT2C3
Picture of the vehicle479761924S. D., BruxellesBT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle291281924C. C., PaliseulBTLC3
Picture of the vehicle622891925V. G., BruxellesBT2C3
Picture of the vehicle184661923Oldtimerfarm, AalterBSpec.C2
554731925J. P., TongrinneBSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle9781922M. G., IrchonwelzBT2C2
217091924B. L., HoeilaartBSpec.C3
309381924G. J., UnknownBUndefinedC3
Picture of the vehicle506101925S. R., MeuxBT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle762471926S. R., MeuxBSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle389961923Oldtimerfarm, AalterBT2C3
Picture of the vehicle373301925S. M., WalhainBSpec.C3
339901924P. M., CharleroiBTLC3
Picture of the vehicle221041924G. P., Rosières St AndréBT2C3
137401923C. P., BruxellesBT2Undefined
71711923Autocollectie Gh. Mahy, GentBVLC3
Picture of the vehicle521531925Autocollectie Gh. Mahy, GentBSpec.C3
682671925D. S., MenenBT2C3
1043611925Autocollectie Gh. Mahy, GentBT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle309211924O. P., LommelBT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicleUndefined1925C. L., Leuze en HainautBT3-2C3
567821925R. M., PommeroeulBVLC3
Picture of the vehicle664671925D. K. D., EvergemBT3-2C3
608001925V. V. E., BruxellesBT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle585511925Oldtimerfarm, AalterBT2C3
739811926J. C., SombreffeBT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle167401923C. D., WaterlooBT2C2
Picture of the vehicle543651924Oldtimerfarm, AalterBTLC3
27391922D. M. H., WaysBT2C2
Picture of the vehicle554531925H. P., EsneuxBSpec.C3
370771924B. M., BonlezBT3-2C3
133211923D. , UnknownBUndefinedUndefined
Picture of the vehicle152281923L. W., RheinfeldenCHTLC2
Picture of the vehicle180971923U. , UnknownCHT3-1C3
129331923C. J., DürntenCHT2C2
Picture of the vehicle283811924S. G., BirsfeldenCHT3-1C3
109481926Z. M., OberhofenCHTLC3
Picture of the vehicle89491924B. R., MeiringenCHT2C3
Picture of the vehicle1047951923B. H.-U., AndwilCHTLC3
Picture of the vehicle446041924G. A., HombrechtikonCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle692961925G. W., Biel-BenkenCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle688521925S. T., HagendornCHTLC3
Picture of the vehicle573631925A. M., Granges-PaccotCHT3-2C3
UndefinedUndefinedL. R. E., OrmalingenCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle748071926S. T., RheinfeldenCHTLC3
Picture of the vehicle367761924H. P., BernCHT2C3
659981925M. F., EvolèneCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle270981924T. C., GimelCHT3-1C3
1034461923S. B., Yverdon-les-BainsCHUndefinedUndefined
Picture of the vehicle103431923B. P., AadorfCHT2C2
308691924G. M., NeuchâtelCHT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle363791923N. P., HofstettenCHSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle4691923S. j. E., WolfhaldenCHT2C2
Picture of the vehicle122291923P. B., LutryCHT2C2
Picture of the vehicle628501925S. H., SchmerikonCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle47251922M. R., RütiCHSpec.C2
Picture of the vehicle97221923B. Y., RennensCHTLC2
123301923S. J. P., LausanneCHT2C2
Picture of the vehicle379681924S. W., BösingenCHT2C3
195461923D. A., Balm b. MessenCHTLC3
Picture of the vehicle136371923B. U., WabernCHT2C3
Picture of the vehicle652211925G. A., BernCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle261141924M. H. D., EcoteauxCHT2C3
Picture of the vehicle518971925G. J. W., BergdietikonCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle145341923K. G., WiedlisbachCHTLC3
297201924K. U., SaanenCHTLC3
Picture of the vehicle44501922K. A., BruggCHT2C2
Picture of the vehicle433691924R. G., QuartinoCHT3-2C3
463421924U. , UnknownCHTLUndefined
Picture of the vehicle233071924C. F., CanobbioCHTLC3
Picture of the vehicle1047771925L. P., CurioCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle367381924B. E., MarthalenCHTLC3
Picture of the vehicle171871923K. A., HörhausenCHSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle123301922R. C.-G., CortaillodCHT2C2
Picture of the vehicle300691924S. H., SchönenbergCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle1012491923v. L. A., ChampozCHT2C2
Picture of the vehicle146801923D. K., UesslingenCHT2C2
Picture of the vehicle186541923M. J. T. , GenèveCHT2C2
Picture of the vehicle17321922B. J., Gipf-OberfrickCHSpec.C2
568281925D. A., Cheseaux s/LausanneCHT3-2C3
1015581923V. J.-R., Le BrassusCHT2C3
Picture of the vehicleUndefined1923C. V., St-BlaiseCHTLC3
777701926N. M., WilerCHTLC3
Undefined1924F. R., ZugCHT3-2C3
726681926F. P., TrüllikonCHSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle148721923Autospritzwerk Fischer AG, RütiCHT2C3
Picture of the vehicle403781924H. R., StaffelbachCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle393911924F. A., Les BreuleuxCHTLC3
Picture of the vehicle651351925M. J. T. , GenèveCHTLC3
Undefined1925E. R., St. GallenCHTLC3
769381926S. R., SteinenCHTLC3
336421924V. J.-R., Le BrassusCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle339221924A. D. (., LigerzCHT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle669971925J. R., StüsslingenCHTLC3
171921924B. B., HagneckCHSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle573271923B. J., Gipf-OberfrickCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle494301925H. E., BiereCHT3-2C3
Undefined1924K. J., RupperswilCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle569141925Classic Cars BOC-Organisation, CrissierCHT3-2C3
723821925Z. P., WattwilCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle489031924P. C., BielCHSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle311001924H. P., SteinenCHTLC3
Picture of the vehicle310521924B. D., MetzerlenCHT3-1C3
508681925U. , UnknownCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle410651923P. J.-C., ColombierCHT2C3
Picture of the vehicle499011924F. H.-R., AarwangenCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle741231926S. B., Bitsch-BrigCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicleUndefined1923D. J., CourtepinCHT2C2
210251924M. G., VeyrierCHTLC2
16601922W. J., SiblingenCHT2C2
78751923L. J., SteffisburgCHT2C3
566951925M. A., ZweidlenCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle769211926A. M., Plan-les-OuatesCHTLC3
1013171923M. A., ZweidlenCHSpec.C2
Picture of the vehicle192991923G. C., HeidenCHTLC2
Picture of the vehicle667251924K. A., GrandvauxCHT2C3
Picture of the vehicle621561926H. W., ZeiningenCHT3-2C3
268471924A. A., VaulionCHT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle273501924M. U., BettenhausenCHT3-1C3
670731925L. , LeysinCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle756581924W. R., KerzersCHSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle735981925B. D., MuttenzCHT2C3
Picture of the vehicle49841922K. H., AllenwindenCHT2C2
Picture of the vehicle154901922K. H., AllenwindenCHTLC2
Picture of the vehicleUndefined1926Autavia AG, BaselCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle726871923Auto Gasser, SalmsachCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle586011925W. F., RumisbergCHT3-2C3
489681925B. V., VerscioCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle222751924W. R., BaselCHT2C3
218601923G. H., ZollikonCHT2C2
Picture of the vehicleUndefined1925v. R., GrossaffolternCHSpec.C3
346341924A. J., SchlierenCHTLC3
Picture of the vehicle342321924K. A., ZürichCHT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle101211924L. A., GossauCHT2C3
420291924M. F., EvolèneCHUndefinedC3
Picture of the vehicle176301923R. M., BernCHT2C2
374721924C. H., CourtedouxCHTLC3
Picture of the vehicle351161924T. C.-A., Yverdon-les-BainsCHT2C3
Picture of the vehicle338951924M. M., ZürichCHT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle628381924B. H., IpsachCHT3-2C3
200571922B. G., OnexCHTLC2
Picture of the vehicle699891925S. D. O., BaselCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle698541922W. A., RudolfstettenCHSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle329611923Z. H., OberstammheimCHT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle14981922G. R., UrdorfCHT2C2
642211923G. P., GryonCHT3-2C3
524871924H. P., FreidorfCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle414181924Verkehrshaus der Schweiz, LuzernCHTLC3
Picture of the vehicle269901924D. R., HerzogenbuchseeCHSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle646641925H. A., RümikonCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle499321925V. C., SchafisheimCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle667421925F. S., Arzier-Le MuidsCHTLC3
Picture of the vehicle235081922W. P., OssingenCHTLC3
Picture of the vehicle383721924E. D., HorgenCHSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle133821923K. A., OberwilCHTLC2
Picture of the vehicle707001924G. J. W., BergdietikonCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle503281925B. D., Le MouretCHT3-2C3
260811924U. , UnknownCHUndefinedUndefined
Picture of the vehicle282671924H. S., TriesenbergCHT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle206341923E. R., St. GallenCHT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle105451923P. S., BremblensCHT2C2
373661922S. H., BassersdorfCHT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle146551923H. W., MünsingenCHTLC2
478831925K. M., NeftenbachCHT2C3
Picture of the vehicle435081924I. M., ErlenbachCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle275641923H. M., ColombierCHSpec.C3
91261923B. M., BertschikonCHT2C2
725831926L. H., NeftenbachCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle144911923R. D., MurtenCHTLC3
Picture of the vehicle60281922R. A., LausanneCHT2C2
275661924U. , UnknownCHT3-1C3
103211923CHRISTIE'S (International) S.A., GenèveCHTLC2
Picture of the vehicle627321925M. J., WürenlingenCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicleUndefined1925R. V., CanobbioCHT3-2C3
75051922F. J.-C., GimelCHTLC2
Picture of the vehicle161041922J. M., DickenCHT2C3
Picture of the vehicle434081924I. O., SteinhausenCHTLC3
Picture of the vehicle731491926B. U. F., BadenCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle567341923W. R., MöhlinCHT3-2C3
447891924R. W., HallauCHSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle519241923D. E., WahlenCHSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle144921922B. K., FéchyCHT2C2
Picture of the vehicle333681924B. M., SeengenCHT2C3
Picture of the vehicle160051923C. P.-O., La Chaux-de-FondsCHT2C2
272721924S. M., BrunnenCHTLC3
Picture of the vehicle644421925B. J., SissachCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle524291925L. C. J., GinginsCHTLC3
Picture of the vehicle697271925U. , UnknownCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle714081925K. H., SundlauenenCHTLC3
Picture of the vehicleUndefined1926R. W., ZürichCHTLC3
Picture of the vehicle147801922T. F., FribourgCHT2C2
Picture of the vehicle133761923B. H., PréverengesCHT2C2
Picture of the vehicle769381926B. P., BubikonCHTLC3
Picture of the vehicle243071924Zentralschweizerische Oldtimer Auktion, HergiswilCHTLC3
Picture of the vehicle330561924T. P., SpiegelCHTLC3
Picture of the vehicle300811923U. , UnknownCHT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle349681924Fondation Hervé, AigleCHT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle220381923W. R., ZürichCHT2C3
262821923N. A., BernCHSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle696741925M. C., RomanshornCHTLC3
Picture of the vehicle350651924J. F., SteinCHTLC3
186481923C. I., Forchex sur OllonCHUndefinedC3
73811924U. , UnknownCHT2C3
Picture of the vehicle100761923P. M., KoppigenCHT2C2
Picture of the vehicle330071924M. M., RiehenCHT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle265081924M. W., EschenbachCHTLC3
Picture of the vehicle1033481923C. N. S. , BulleCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle632711923D. Y., GrandeventCHSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle1031541924G. E., NatersCHTLC3
Picture of the vehicle270791923H. D., SissachCHTLC3
Picture of the vehicle77491923B. W., DöttingenCHT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle239651924F. M., AmriswilCHT2C3
Picture of the vehicle28651922W. C., ForchCHT2C2
525421923L. D., La Florida, SantiagoCLT2C3
304011924M. P., Mount LaviniaCLUndefinedC3
Picture of the vehicle157161923S. G. C., Annapolis Royal, NSCNDTLC2
Picture of the vehicleUndefined1924B. P., Praha 1CZTLC3
163101924K. H., ChotěovCZT2??
260811923V. J., PragCZT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle69791923T. V., Starý PlzenecCZT2C2
505441925H. K., KirrwilerDTLC2
Picture of the vehicle72691923L. K., WipperfürthDT2C2
302531924l. T. M., AachenDSpec.C3
488111925S. A., BalveDTLC3
Picture of the vehicle131521923Automuseum Fritz B. Busch, WolfeggDT2C2
Picture of the vehicle504391924B. U., RahdenDT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle628691925H. H., BonnDT3-2C3
146451923B. J., Berg GladbachDT3-2C2
Picture of the vehicle179551923B. H. J., KetschDTLC2
607561923M. K., LindenfelsDT2C3
Picture of the vehicle395621924K. P., PlauenDT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle62811924Z. C., BötzingenDT3-1C3
50341922E. J., DüsseldorfDSpec.C2
628551925J. H., WawernDT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle192341923K. P., BühlDSpec.C2
Picture of the vehicle260231924F. M., Hofheim WallauDT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle8691922B. H., DresdenDT2C2
Picture of the vehicle649351925S. H., PenzbergDT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle666661925K. L., EssingenDT2C3
Picture of the vehicle554901922M. F., Neu-UlmDT2C2
Picture of the vehicle352091923M. A., RheinbachDT2C3
Picture of the vehicle208201925L. G., CoburgDTLC3
Picture of the vehicle375731924L. B., WaldenbuchDSpec.C3
677741925B. I., BremenDT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle14421922V. K.-H., DarmstadtDT3-1C2
100751923O. F., Schwäbisch GmündDTLC3
Picture of the vehicle769161924O. A., Hückelhoven-BaalDT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle123061922S. M., WieslochDTLC3
Picture of the vehicle286471926H. F., SeeburgDTLC3
Picture of the vehicle187321923M. A., RheinbachDSpec.C2
Picture of the vehicle371451925H. T., StuttgartDT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle131581923W. C., KehlDT2C2
Picture of the vehicle742641925S. W., HohensteinDSpec.C3
240211924K. H., BremenDSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle443461924N. M., Freiburg HochdorfDTLC3
Picture of the vehicle1045761925D. N., TroisdorfDT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle695871923A. M., MandelbachtalDTLC3
Picture of the vehicle1047851925H. C., CoesfeldDSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle568291924R. V., BückeburgDTLC3
259361924G. H., KammeltalDUndefinedC3
92431923F. M., KarlsruheDUndefinedC2
Picture of the vehicle645311923G. T., HamburgDT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle540711924N. A. , DiedorfDSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle656681925P. D., GlauchauDT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle731791926W. M., RiedlingenDT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle204351924K. M., SimmertalDTLC3
Picture of the vehicle258581924B. W., DüsseldorfDT2C3
Picture of the vehicle410861924L. K., CoburgDT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle141511923A. S., Bruchhausen-VilsenDT2C2
Picture of the vehicle428291923B. M., UetzeDTLC3
Picture of the vehicle463451924B. P., HorbDT3-2C3
613531925G. W., WelverDT3-2C3
262771922v. D. B., IserhagenDTLC3
Picture of the vehicle1021421924BEST CARS UG, HeimburgDSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle84871923W. D., SprockhövelDTLC3
Picture of the vehicle684151924B. S., GingstDT3-2C3
712451923W. G., HamburgDT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle227121924M. B., MeersburgDT3-1C3
568281925G. T., Bad HonnefDTLC3
Picture of the vehicle160701923D. K., FrankenthalDTLC2
Picture of the vehicle180391923B. D., BraunschweigDT2C3
Undefined1924R. M.-M., EttlingenDT2C3
Picture of the vehicle66011925D. H., KleinblittersdordDSpec.C3
1045861925M. P., BerlinDT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle211951924A. T., KarlsruheDSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle289931924H. F., RheinzabernDT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle659991925H. H., Dörpstedt-BüngeDSpec.C3
776901924H. R., GeldernDT2C3
Picture of the vehicle667351925H. W., RheinzabernDT3-2C3
696321925H. K., KirrwilerDT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle764771926M. D., OldenburgDT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle174451923P. M., EberdingenDSpec.C2
Picture of the vehicle236091922R. G., SchmöllnDT2C3
Picture of the vehicle310551924K. H., TuttlingenDT2C3
Picture of the vehicle554631925G. R., FreiburgDT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle690791925L. O., SchenefeldDT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle141071923Z. V., Bad RappenauDT2C2
Picture of the vehicle393521923F. M., AugsburgDTLC3
Picture of the vehicle595621925C.-P. L., BrønshøjDKSpec.C3
395831924D. C., UnknownDKTLC3
613091925S. C., KastrupDKT3-2C3
469401925Jysk Automobilmuseum, GjernDKUndefinedC3
Picture of the vehicle201691923L. F., ThemDKT2C2
Picture of the vehicle9401922C.-P. L., BrønshøjDKT2C2
Picture of the vehicle695081925L. R., ØlgodDKSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle468671924Aalholm Automobilmuseum, NystedDKT3-2C3
288541923B. B., Kgs. LyngbyDKT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle639781925B. H., RodovreDKTLC3
Picture of the vehicle245381924C.-P. L., BrønshøjDKSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle380071924N. C., SøborgDKTLC3
Picture of the vehicle523361925Den Gamle By, Århus CDKT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle37391922B. M., Porto Colom MallorcaET2C2
449131924P. J. F., Las Palmas de Gran CanariaETLC3
288181924D. E., Yunquera de HenaresET2C3
649951925H. G. F., TarragonaET2C3
Picture of the vehicle675431925A. J. U., BurgosET3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle678781925S. D., A CoruñaETLC3
Picture of the vehicle112061923J. D., TorreviejaESpec.C2
450091924R. M., BarcelonaESpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle586691925U. , UnknownET3-1C3
Undefined1926A. G. V., Alcala la RealET3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle726651925U. , UnknownESpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle713421925D. M., PollensaESpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle211021923C. A., MadridET2C2
469131924P. S. J. F., Las Palmas de gran CanariaET2C3
230141922S. V. I., ToledoESpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle432371924V. F., Monforte de LemosET3-2C3
98771922D. Y. E., CandelariaET2C3
Picture of the vehicle368491923AUTO STORICA, Sant Boi de LlobregatET2C3
Picture of the vehicle450501924L. j. P., CordobaET3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle524911925H. J., El Arenal MallorcaETLC3
333041924P. A., ReusET2C3
Picture of the vehicle475481925G.-H. F., Oviñana-CudilleroETLC3
565271926A. J. U., BurgosET3-2C3
447251924A. R., SalamancaET3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle230121922U. , UnknownETLC3
52451922M. B., CastellonET2C2
9101923J. F., DrouéFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle300321924M. D., SedanFT2C3
643151923D. V., GuiclanFT3-2C3
376891923A. J., Sainte Gemme en SancerroisFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle1013851923V. J., L'Isle AdamFSpec.C3
694331925D. C., DigneFUndefinedC3
157951923D. J. P., EzanvilleFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle1011431923T. S., AlbasFTLC2
Picture of the vehicle325751922R. B., VillemombleFTLC3
140961923S. G., Givry en ArgonneFT2C2
731671925C. E., Vetraz-MonthouxFT3-2C3
634551924T. J.-M., JouyFTLC3
319681924N. E., VourlesFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle1012841925B. C., Villeneuve sur CherFT2C2
138241923C. F., Port-VendresFTLC3
767941926B. J.-P., Trois PalisFTLC3
181811923B. G., Saint-EtienneFTLC2
260531924C. J.-A., BouchemaineFT2C3
765151924G. P., LempdesFTLC3
225461925G. G., Ferrière la GrandeFVLC3
685631925D. G., Saint-Chely-d'ApcherFTLC3
306381923L. 9. , UnknownFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle94701923S. J., RothbachFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle465131925S. V., ChauxFVLC3
Picture of the vehicle429921925D. D., Ormoy-VillersFVLC3
695681925A. P., LeyrFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle326791924D. R., Abaucourt sur SeilleFSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle308121924F. F., DuravelFTLC3
349601924P. C., FuveauFUndefinedC3
Picture of the vehicle220861922R. D., CozesFTLC2
Picture of the vehicle1051101925L. C., UstaritzFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle697151925D. J. C., St Genis du BoisFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle43791922A. P., FelinesFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle143231923M. D., Châteauneuf sur CharenteFTLC3
86061923P. A., Saint EtienneFT2C2
758271925R. J., BrionFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle326411924V. F., AntonyFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle1024301926T. B., BonnevilleFTLC3
1050991925V. R., MerignacFTLC3
350981924M. J.-J., TournusFUndefinedC3
Picture of the vehicle676771926V. J. P., Saint Jean du GardFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle327831924C. L., TournecoupeFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicleUndefinedUndefinedC. C., Ballancourt s/EssonneFT3-1C3
1047761925D. A., ParisFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle140321926P. J. J., Guémené PenfaoFSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle134121923S. G., AurielhanFT2C2
219651923M. L.-G., Saint André de CubzacFTLC2
Picture of the vehicle651171925L. P., UnknownFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle550561924D. F., St Etienne RoilayeFT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle444411924R. M., Savigny-sur-BrayeFTLC3
221701924M. S., RoanneFTLC3
185921925D. J., DunkerqueFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle283351923B. J.-J., Saint JunienFSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle575851925E. E., Saint Nicolas de BoscFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle106051925D. J. J., Serres-GastonFTLC3
Picture of the vehicleUndefined1926A. D., ReimsFT3-2C3
494241925C. L., Montigny sur AubeFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle623971925G. P., Javaron les ChapellesFT2C3
103841924D. J. C., SarcellesFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle735141926L. D., Bois-GuillaumeFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle696581926T. A., VellèchesFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle102781922L. G., RieumesFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle498001925D. D., CormicyFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle1032561924L. J. P., MugronFTLC3
479311925B. R., Pouilly les NonainsFT3-2C3
756241926C. B., AuranchesFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle282521924G. S., Douvres la DelivrandeFT3-1C3
479401923P. L., AudincourtFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle26371923D. M., La Trinite du MontFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle260901924R. J., VoisenonFT3-2C3
UndefinedUndefinedM. G., Le Val du AignetFT2C2
172831923H. B., WasselonneFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle181621923C. G., Saulx MarchaisFT2C2
622501925M. R., RiorgesFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle274601924B. , EelderwoldeFTLC3
237781924S. J., MontelimarFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle630141925C. G., Ménétréol sur SauldreFTLC3
171941923C. J. C., Pont NoyellesFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle6851923U. D., UnknownFTLC2
Picture of the vehicle304881924M. M., BruyèresFT2C3
70131923C. A., Cambes en plaineFT2C2
691421926G. P., St Etienne du RouvrayFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle283071924R. J., IstresFT2C3
18441922V. A., Chailly sur ArmançonFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle576961925F. M., Cosnes et RomainFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicleUndefinedUndefinedM. A., La Roche-sur-YonFT3-2C3
Undefined1924K. R., LangensoultzbachFSpec.C3
56461922C. D., VilhonneurFT3-2C3
644291925P. C., AngoulêmeFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle191361923C. G., Ménétréol sur SauldreFVLC3
440891922H. A., Saint-loup des boisFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle263281924B. J., AurillacFSpec.C3
271131924B. A., Grand QuevillyFVLC2
Picture of the vehicle696771925H. D., Saint-MartoryFSpec.C3
567221925F. J.-L., MonsFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle292561924S. B., GénérarguesFT2C3
720581925N. E., La PommerayFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle314761924B. C., BoinvilliersFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle575051925N. M., St ChamantFT3-2C3
576751925D. Y., Tourville la rivièreFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle9701922C. G., Ménétréol sur SauldreFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle320721924C. A., NommayFTLC3
Undefined1923F. C., PréauxFSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle101441925H. N., AntonyFT2C3
40011922P. G., La CrècheFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle381991924G. H., Lorp SentarailleFSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle49191922B. J., MirannesFT2C2
Undefined1923C. C., St Salvy de la BalmeFT3-2C3
202861924P. J.-M., Saint-SorninFT2C2
336191925B. J., HennezelFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle684761925L. J. L. E., ParisFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle240871925C. A., St CoulombFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle8251922R. D., SebazacFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle307901924U. , ReimsFTLC3
629471925D. Y., BouchainFT3-2C3
181341923S. J., PerreuxFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle690571925T. P., LyonFT3-2C3
9761922G. R., BeaupuyFT2C2
373651924P. A., Maraye en OtheFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle569891925U. , UnknownFSpec.C3
576451925C. G., St Julien les VillasFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle187701925D. J. P., Saint QuentinFTLC3
1031691924D. R., BraspartFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle1015441923C. H., La ChatreFT2C2
Picture of the vehicleUndefined1923Musée Henri Malatre, Rochetaillée-sur-SaôneFT2C2
393251924R. P., Les BrouzilsFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle44561926B. M., LoudéacFUndefinedUndefined
156271923T. M., Le Perray en YvelinesFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle318171923L. E.-P., LouéFT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle239591924R. D., SaintesFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle220101924C. C., La Lande PatryFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle1047701926I. J.-P., CamboulitFT3-2C3
123521923B. J.-J., Montceau les MinesFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle280921924P. P.-O., SuresnesFT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle687451925T. F., Marolles en HurepoixFT3-2C3
1014621923J. R., ChauffailesFT2C2
344531924M. M., TrangaultFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle638451924L. M., Aire-sur-l'AdourFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle405861923P. G., BlyeFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle753491926B. P., CampsegretFSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle693641925D. M., MalauzatFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle752811926J. B., L'Etang-la-VilleFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle3461922C. T., Chevannes ChangyFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle25021922H. P., Milon la ChapelleFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle441071924M. C., PornicFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle327591924C. P., CadillacFT3-2C3
465741925S. L., PlesséFSpec.C3
280291924M. J. C., ValreasFT3-1C2
Picture of the vehicle1024421923G. P., Javaron les ChapellesFT3-1C3
685631926C. B., QuinsacFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle563371925R. J.-P., VannesFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle391981924B. P., WattrelosFT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle93311923Musée National de l'Automobile, MulhouseFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle181871923M. B., WarnecourtFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle407941924G. A., Attignat OncinFT3-2C3
466181924K. J. D., Annecy le VieuxFT3-2C3
464441924C. F., LapalisseFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle757941925J. M., Dreuil les AmiensFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle508871925A. P., Saint PrestFT3-2C3
184931923M. F., ToulonFT2C3
Picture of the vehicleUndefined1923M. B., WarnecourtFT2C2
377111924F. , HouliusFT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle163701923T. E., PlouhaFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle625121926Musée de l'Automobile, PuteauxFT3-2C3
194251924D. J. L., ChampfleuryFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle180591922R. P., Châlons-en-ChampagneFT2C2
3721922L. B., Moidieu-DétourbeFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle692001925M. P., CourbevoieFT3-2C3
321021922C. , LangonFT3-2Undefined
289541922F. C., ManosqueFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle103801923B. L., CannesFTLC2
427471925J. R., ChauffailesFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle406801924L. M., ParisFT3-1C3
569721925C. P., ToulonFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle408911923C. C., Les Sables d'OlonneFT3-2C3
720011925V. , Brive-la-GaillardeFT3-2C3
44761922M. G., Saint-Maur des FossésFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle699011924B. R., St JeanFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle379691926L. R. P., ChatouFT3-2C3
287711924L. B., Moidieu-DétourbeFT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle624111925U. D., JoignyFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle79831923R. Y., Saint Michel ThubeufFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle379081925G. E., BellocqFT3-2C3
174771922D. P., Le LandreauFTLC2
Picture of the vehicle550891925B. G., Gensac sur GaronneFT3-2C3
157121923V. X., VillentroisFTLC2
Picture of the vehicle324421925C. J. F., EcharconFT2C3
304631924P. C., Le Mesnil-le-RoiFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle686091924Musée des Vieux Tacots, Les RiceysFSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle630811925C. B. e. G., Ruelle sur TouvreFT3-2C3
182061923B. J.-M., Prix les MezièresFTLC2
Picture of the vehicle235831924B. B., Saint PrixFT2C3
607991925L. B., Moidieu-DétourbeFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle236071923M. M., Aix-les-BainsFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle604291925C. M., DrancyFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle73831923G. P., BetschdorfFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle363121924L. B. G., Bretagne de MarsanFT3-1C3
239181924S. J., VenceFT3-2C3
237701924N. R., Le RaincyFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle336161924B. V., Saint-Laurent-BlangyFT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle1047691925P. B., ChangeFSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle167441923D. F., UnknownFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle329601924P. C., MarmagneFT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle13241922D. P., Condat-sur-VienneFT2C2
358061922J. B., TinqueuxFTLC3
24901922G.-B. B., Saint Gatien des BoisFT2C2
180751923D. H., SoultzmattFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle721141922C. J., Mouterre SillyFT3-2C3
479661925D. R., GivryFUndefinedUndefined
1024861923R. B., Thouare sur LoireFSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle492861925B. J., SuippesFSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle18641925B. J. P., Saint QuentinFT3-2C3
495171925L. M., BerdouesFT3-2C3
776891926B. I., EtampesFVLC3
Picture of the vehicle344421924P. M., MesseryFT3-2C3
49041922P. G., AuthezatFSpec.C2
11821922C. M., AnnappesFUndefinedUndefined
Picture of the vehicle300421924C. C. P. P. C., Aulnay-sous-BoisFSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle626031925B. J., AncyFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle225011923Musée Automobile de Vendée, Talmont-Saint-HilaireFT2C3
531461925S. J.-P., MonthiersFSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle742381926U. , UnknownFT2C3
555641925L. J., St Sauveur-LendelinFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle1048741925F. M., DunkerqueFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle434771924R. G., MimizanFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle569011925D. A., Saint Rémy en RollatFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle697841925M. J.-M., Saint Féliu d'AvallFT3-2C3
62491922P. G., AuthezatFSpec.C2
UndefinedUndefinedR. M., Bourg de PeageFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle228311924D. M., SautronFT2C3
442271924D. A., St Saturnin-les-AvignonFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle72531922C. E., Saint GobainFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle1021241923S. B., La Tour d'AiguesFTLC2
Picture of the vehicleUndefined1923B. J. L., UnknownFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle211611925U. , UnknownFTLC3
1043721925L. R., St. OmerFSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle1050381925F. O., BullouFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle1051191926D. J., CoudresFT3-2C3
759351926G. L., UnknownFT3-2C3
160681923M. G., Posé sur CisseFTLC3
527791925P. C., LucbardezFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle499461924P. G., AuthezatFVLC3
Undefined1924G. P. , PieneFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle1050351925N. G., BasconsFTLC3
Picture of the vehicleUndefinedUndefinedMusée National de l'Automobile, MulhouseFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle391031924B. R., Pouilly les NonainsFVLC3
Picture of the vehicle1030681924U. , VoironFT3-1C3
682391925B. M., RiorgesFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle363151924M. R., GaréoultFT2C2
173061923L. S., PessacFTLC2
Picture of the vehicle751571925D. P., DouyFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle635701924P. P., Trosly-BreuilFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle293971924P. F., Saint Sylvain d'AnjouFT2C3
508301925P. G., AuthezatFT3-2C3
Undefined1925L. M., Ste ClotildeFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle80361923N. G., BasconsFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle68981923A. M., Buzet sur TarnFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle415131924L. E., MontélimarFT3-1C3
568841925C. A., PujoFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle752001925C. D., RoquefortFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle168371923D. J.-M., VernaisonFTLC2
Picture of the vehicle91651923D. M. C., Saint Genès ChampanelleFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle1044521925A. S., UnknownFT3-2C3
665721925P. G., AuthezatFSpec.C3
328471924C. M., Lons-le-SaunierFUndefinedC3
349451924M. .-L., FusseyFUndefinedC3
Picture of the vehicle268231923D. J., AigueperseFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle479851925A. D. J. L., UnknownFT3-2C3
631581925M. , St Front sur LemanceFT3-2C3
403491924G. T., Baignes Saint RadegondeFT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle666761925J. Y., ReimsFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle766751926C. D. P., SegoufielleFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle446731924B. M., Charnay les MaconFT2C3
7891922O. M., AurillacFT2C2
720921926P. G., AuthezatFSpec.C3
224411924G. D., BordeauxFUndefinedC3
676161923M. C., Gilly-les-CiteauxFSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle509411925P. W., CourtomerFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle681491926M. D., Saint AvitFT3-2C3
293971924M. M., IgnyFT2C3
735931925P. T., Saint HerblainFT3-2C3
352371924M. S., IteuilFT3-1C3
207091925L. 8. , UnknownFTLC3
607821925P. G., AuthezatFT3-2C3
173401923L. F., ParisFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle233101925P. D., ValenceFSpec.C3
1043011924P. A., ParisFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle102281922F. C., Lot-et-GaronneFT2C2
322261925S. G., DijonFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle357541924P. D., Marly le RoiFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle31171924L. O., St Pierre Les BoisFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle681301925R. A., Saint PrixFT3-2C3
Undefined1925L. A., Jouet sur l'AuboisFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle300981924C. M., ArgenteuilFT3-1C3
17271922G. P., Aubigny-sur-NereFTLUndefined
Picture of the vehicle269111924D. J.-P., Longny au PercheFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle500581925D. D., Souvigné sur SartheFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle350451924L. F., St Michel de MontaigneFTLC3
454261924G.-C. J., LussanFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle306131924L. A., LiracFT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle572701925B. P., SavignyFVLC3
509481925G. D., BrignaisFT2C3
667011925L. J. P., BoviollesFSpec.C3
165631923O. , CourbevoieFT2C2
1045421925G. P., Aubigny-sur-NereFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle42611922D. C., Thonon-les-BainsFT2C2
686451925E. P., La Tour de SalvagnyFT3-2C3
UndefinedUndefinedL. M., OursbelilleFT2
Picture of the vehicle138221923G. P., MontelimarFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle687901925H. P.-M., Saint-RaphaelFT2C3
Undefined1926R. L., Auvilliers-en-GâtinaisFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle302481924G. P., Javaron les ChapellesFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle12341922L. 7. , UnknownFT3-2C2
Picture of the vehicle752751925B. T., ChellesFT3-2C3
410581924M. A., MontmorillonFTLC3
301391924K. R., MundolshemFT2C2
Undefined1925S. F., GretzFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle65221922M. J.-C., GueugnonFSpec.Undefined
351271924U. , UnknownFUndefinedC3
219921923M. A., Capvern-les-BainsFT2C2
766571926B. J., ChanceladeFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle633131925P. L., CondrieuFT3-2C3
477881923B. G., MarliozFT3-2C3
392401924D. L., Alluets le RoiFT3-2C3
677851924G. J. P., Limogne en QuercyFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle158131923T. B., RouillacFTLC2
Picture of the vehicle620591925U. J.-J., Rochetaillée sur SaôneFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle577831923B. M., Ouroux sur SaoneFT3-2C3
500521925U. , UnknownFUndefinedC3
677651925B. J.-C., RéquistaFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle546151925S. M., Maison LaffitteFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle4471922G. J., Avant les RameruptFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle33991922C. G., UnknownFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle105251924A. F., St Just st RambertFT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle676901926D. S. L., LyonFT3-2C3
652191923M. P., Aix-les-BainsFSpec.C2
725131926L. M. P., Varennes sur LoireFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle186181923E. C., UnknownFTLC2
3721922A. G., BrignaisFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle147851923D. L., GragnagueFT3-2C3
732901926U. , UnknownFUndefinedC3
30171922D. P., Le HavreFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle124631923G. L., Saint-EmilionFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle725141926V. X., VillentroisFTLC3
653431925M. M., VillebrumierFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle696071924C. P., Sanvignes les minesFT2C2
374201924D. M. Y., UnknownFUndefinedUndefined
Picture of the vehicle193671923P. N., EchirollesFSpec.C2
Picture of the vehicle124371923K. G., UnknownFT2C2
89791923B. E., Castillon la BatailleFTLC2
687091925D. P., Le HavreFUndefinedUndefined
Picture of the vehicle24411925U. , UnknownFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle768501926P. J.-M., Saint-BenoitFT3-2C3
338131924C. L., St Hilaire de LusignanFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle352771924G. Y., VougyFSpec.C3
Undefined1924V. R., Vaux LavaletteFT2C2
759051925U. , CalmontFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle621441925B. M., Thonon-les-BainFT3-2C3
373551924H. R., MalataverneFT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle100581922C. O., Veyrins ThuellinFTLC2
466391924B. J., Le CastelletFUndefinedC3
752251922F. P., VerchaixFTLC2
208281924L. G., HambyeFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle391111924G. R., Saint VitalFT2C3
288511924B. J., Neronde sur DoreFT2C3
644631922G. A., NiceFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle457291924C. V., TouquesFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle755411926D. M., NantesFSpec.C3
570741925C. H., CognacFT3-2C3
57701922G. J.-L., Hauteville lès DijonFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle411231924F. Y., RoutesFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle293211924d. L. M., LeognanFTLC3
77131923G. P., BeauneFT2C2
91291923N. J., QueauxFT2C3
479051922L. P., Les MeesFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle111491923C. D., Bagnols-sur-CèzeFT2C2
643921925D. C., LezouxFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle477091925V. A., Bougy-lez-NeuvilleFT3-2C3
603501925D. D., Cricqueville en AugeFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle250731924L. Y., PornicFT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle122271923G. F., Le NayracFT2C2
787201924E. M., PerpignanFT2C3
558151925A. P.-H., CognacFT3-2C3
86391923D. A., HornaingFT2C2
527751925C. J. P., TaussatFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle193491923R. J.-P., PamiersFUnknownC3
Picture of the vehicle508631925J. M., NifferFTLC3
376361924R. G., Thonon-les-BainsFT3-1C3
Undefined1923C. C., St Salvy de la BalmeFTLC3
321691924U. J.-J., Rochetaillée sur SaôneFT2C3
30121922B. J., Sainte AdresseFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle524421925L. D., AnnecyFTLC3
Undefined1923B. M., VecquemontFTLUndefined
252101924D. J. P., EzanvilleFT3-2C3
734171926M. L., PajayFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle3341922C. B., Saint PrixFT2C2
19701922D. C., DigneFUndefinedC2
Picture of the vehicle469921925P. D., Vieux-CharmontFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle533171925R. P., SallertaineFT3-2C3
222081924T. J.-M., JouyFT2C3
559371925N. E., VourlesFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle1049381925P. J.-P., Montrevel en BresseFTLC3
1045991925D. C., DigneFUndefinedC3
Picture of the vehicle734141925B. M., Soulac sur MerFSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle300941924H. F., ChamblyFT2C3
533561925C. F., Morsang sur OrgeFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle261921924d. P. J.-C., Les IssambresFT2C3
54511922B. P., ToursFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle684091925P. G., BelvedereFT3-2C3
643171925P. A., SurgeresFT3-2C3
788131926M. D., AntonyFT3-2C3
229121924N. E., VourlesFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle752731926U. , UnknownFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle93761923R. J., Mandres les RosesFTLC2
303621924R. C., Le BouscatFT3-2C3
173691923T. F., MarseilleFT2C2
47031923P.-G. D., LyonFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle769951922G. J., Saint GeyracFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle288131923L. M., KeffenachFTLC2
Undefined1924L. A., Parentis en BornFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle79581923L. F. d. L. , Jouy sur MorinFT2??
260361924D. J., Chaumont PorcienFTLC3
492041925B. M., Roissy-en-BrieFT3-2C3
442651924F. L., PlabennecFTLC3
43471922L. B., Moidieu-DétourbeFT2C2
352721924M. G., UnknownFT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle74101923B. G., Gy l'EvêqueFSpec.C2
32341921B. M., GardanneFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle643011925C. G., AurillacFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle479811925T. G., Tain l'HermitageFT2C3
1032791924S. C., BerlaimontFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle307581924B. J.-P., ReimsFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle681621922J. L., Conflans Sainte HonorineFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle329221924D. P., MeymacFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle549851925M. V., DijonFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle606151925F. H., EpiedsFT3-2C3
391201924T. R., LimouxFT3-1C2
412151924D. H., HelesmesFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle325781924B. S., MontreuilFSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle685201924C. P., Brie Comte RobertFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle629051925S. A., St Pierre du MontFTLC3
467561924L. L. Y., BignanFT2C3
Picture of the vehicleUndefined1926A. C., Les ArcsFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle508701923M. J.-J., SelestatFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle338591924T. D., FlavacourtFSpec.C3
2661921B. E., Jugon les LacsFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle404101924U. , UnknownFT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle405931924R. P., AllanFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle485201924A. E. N. , Saint RaphaëlFSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle373851924S. J.-M., Les AvenièresFT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle466721925G. H., GapFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle134821923A. F., AurillacFSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle1051711926d. B. J.-L., CorzeFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle769641926P. J. P., PrignacFT2C2
94751923A.-N. H., Villard de LansFT2C2
5561922B. R., Pouilly les NonainsFT2C2
544951925R. D., BeuvillersFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle359531924U. , UnknownFVLC3
Picture of the vehicle79971922D. E., LéryFSpec.C2
382711923L. P., Ville sur ArceFT3-1C3
Undefined1925M. M., SalagnonFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle302201923J. S., ChamplanFT2C3
632531924d. A. F., ArzonFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle545981922G. R., St Marmert du GardFTLC3
165811923H. B., WasselonneFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle264241924C. C., Lacapelle-MarivalFT3-2C3
422701924R. M., MelayFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle248201924R. S., ChambroutetFT3-2C3
91151922N. J., AngoulêmeFT2C2
758791923M. M., BeaucourtFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle226181924T. C., Le MansFT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle1024121924M. G., Cosne sur LoireFSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle548831925D. B., Rosières en SanterreFT3-2C3
20671922H. G., LavalFT2C2
667601925V. J.-P., CharolsFT3-2C3
733431926A. R., ToucyFSpec.C3
191371923B. R., Pouilly les NonainsFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle356961924C. G., Ménétréol sur SauldreFT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle321301924S. D., FillingesFT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle463261924V. F., Téteghem Coudekerque VillageFVLC3
Picture of the vehicle9861922U. , UnknownFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle335161924J. J., NompatelizeFT3-1C3
669551926S. X., LaubrièresFT3-2C3
1038131925W. J. M., CauroirFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle682681925M. A. , Le HoulmeFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle502951925B. F., LonguesseFSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle676791925D. F., SurvilliersFSpec.C3
529661925R. M., Chateau-RenaultFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle224001922L. J., JenlainFT2C3
82251923L. F., BordeauxFUndefinedC3
Picture of the vehicle54451922C. G., Ménétréol sur SauldreFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle123841923L. D., CeronsFT2C2
121001923C. G., PontarlierFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle556901925S. P., PlougonverFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle682551925G. P., SavinsFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle142621923B. G., MérévilleFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle494131925C. G., Ménétréol sur SauldreFT3-2C3
464761925B. G., CalaisFSpec.C3
226251924D. A., ArrasFSpec.C3
170521923L. H., MontbonnotFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle1024341923L. D., PourrainFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle676111925A. C., Thouaré sur LoireFTLC3
777221926G. R., Beaumont de LomagneFT2C3
173021923G. S., ToulouseFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle337281924U. J., ParisFT3-2C3
604141925G. R., MontrougeFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle248941924C. B., SecondignyFT2C2
683691925L. R. Y., FécampFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle338941925R. M., Seyssinet-ParisetFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle289441924T. J.-M., AillevillersFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle1018091923G. P., Javaron les ChapellesFSpec.C3
1042071924J. D., ThiviersFT2C3
131181923D. H., Villers aux NoeudsFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle117361923I. J.-P., CamboulitFT2C3
32261922C. B., ChaumontFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle504191925P. F., Ruffey les BeauneFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle203061923B. P., Vaux le PénilFTLC3
180631923L. G., St EtienneFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle371491924D. C., OrleatFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle33361923U. , UnknownFT2C2
683231925R. P., LuynesFT3-2C3
Undefined1924Musée Henri Malatre, Rochetaillée-sur-SaôneFTLC2
Picture of the vehicle143551923R. M., Le MiroirFT2C2
1015991925P. M., ParisFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle262931924P. B., MarcoussisFT3-1C3
21911923C. M., LandesFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle121991924H. R., Le BouscatFT3-2C3
130371923J. J. F., LamballeFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle654281925D. V., PierrefitteFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle699191925V. A., Mont de MarsanFT3-2C3
16711922D. P., DrucatFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle165031923D. F. G., L'Abergement-de-VareyFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle76951923H. S. T., VoulemeFT2C2
242751924J. R., ChauffailesFT3-1C3
699761925M. J. C., ValreasFTLC3
120631921M. G., CastelsarrasinFTLC3
351821924M. F., EysinesFT2C3
11321922Musée National de l'Automobile, MulhouseFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle649011925G. R., SembadelFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle3291922C. , UnknownFT2C2
441641923J. G., Celles sur BelleFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle415071925C. B., CourbillacFTLC3
104171925S. J., ThoiryFT2C3
293321924B. T., ToulouseFSpec.C3
696831926L. G., Saint EtienneFT3-2C3
667951925G. F., Clussais-la-PommeraieFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle104891923P. C., Saint-Jean-d'IllacFT2C2
573211926M. F., ToulonFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle148541923V. A., RuelleFTLC3
UndefinedUndefinedMusée National de l'Automobile, MulhouseFTLC3
72701922V. J., La MilesseFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle43861922B. N., Evry Grégy sur YerresFT2C2
55061922D. A., ValenceFUndefinedC2
678521925L. J.-L., ChâteaudunFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle544471925G. P., Javaron les ChapellesFT3-2C3
699921925W. B., ExincourtFTLC3
441151924C. P., ToulonFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle100071923S. M., Saint Paul en CornillonFT2C2
755461926B. R., St Pantalêon-de-LarcheFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle131951923D. A., MalesherbesFTLC3
248871922T. D., LavalFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle415161924E. J., MilhaudFSpec.C3
243611924R. B., Saint Gildas des BoisFT3-2C3
548031924G. P., Saint EtienneFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle139611923Q. P., LabenneFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle690081925G. G., VairéFTLC3
185091923L. J., ChassieuFUndefinedC3
Picture of the vehicle688711925T. R., Tilloy lez CambraiFT3-2C3
156081922P. M., BiotFTLC2
348121924D. J., Chazelles sur LyonFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle646551925R. P., MorestelFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle241301924O. A., ToulouseFT2C3
294341924H. , St Didier-zu-Mt. DoreFT2C3
42551922M.-G. F., Sainte Genevieve des boisFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle553231925E. , UnknownFSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle666281925M. J., GannatFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle57771922C. J. L., OrbanFSpec.C2
1051161926N. R., Le RaincyFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle560451925Musée des Vieux Tacots, Les RiceysFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle336021924G. P., Javaron les ChapellesFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle669971925P. P., DrapFT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle36571922M. R., DraveilFT2C2
566941925C. C., EcouflantFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle748151925R. T., PerpignanFT2C3
219691924D. R., GivryFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle61581922H. D., Champagne-sur-OiseFT2C2
606601925G. J. F., LilleFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle355721925D. D., La Chaussee St. VictorFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle1032301924U. , UnknownFSpec.C3
679991925L. J., BovesFUndefinedC3
Picture of the vehicle146111923N. Y., Le Loroux-BottereauFTLC2
Picture of the vehicle144101921D. A., UgnyFT2C2
173481923L. P., Villefranche de RouergueFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle608341925V. L., Le Revest les EauxFT3-2C3
Undefined1923C. T., Bourg le RoiFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle360911924B. C. , UnknownFT3-2C3
695071925M. , St EusebeFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle15451926O. -. M. d. V. , FontainebleauFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle707211925C. R., TuchanFTLC3
506921925D. J. P., CaenFT3-2C3
1047111926R. R., Champniers et ReilhacFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle139851923U. , UnknownFTLC2
497561925V. J., DurasFT2C3
678561925D. H. D., VillevaudéFT3-2C3
44971922H. N., D'Hay les RosesFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle266841924T. J.-L., Saint-CalaisFT3-1C3
55891922P. G., AuthezatFT2C2
UndefinedUndefinedC. P., Bourg de PeageFT3-2C3
12871922P. C., Chennevières-sur-MarneFTLC2
293811924L. J., ToulouseFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle776121926S. D., Saint Léger près TroyesFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle107811925U. , UnknownFT3-2C3
572771925R. P., SoissonsFT3-2C3
35661922L. 1. , UnknownFT2C2
Picture of the vehicleUndefined1924D. Y., DaxFT3-1C3
160941924P. G., AuthezatFTLC3
Undefined1925W. P., Ste ClouildeFT3-2C3
603861925L. P., VanvesFT3-2C3
463431924D. A., St Saturnin-les-AvignonFTLC3
755731926J. G., LantillyFSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle625801925E. , Saint Léger du BoisFSpec.C3
734471925V. R., MerignacFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle563361925U. , UnknownFT3-2C3
31971922L. R., St. OmerFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle118811923L. P., St Marcellin en ForezFT2C2
559021926P. G., AuthezatFUndefinedC3
Undefined1924M. d. l. c. M., PieneFT3-2C3
156921923L. 9. , UnknownFSpec.C2
Picture of the vehicle228251925F. J., SarryFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle293731924Musée National de l'Automobile, MulhouseFT3-2C3
688851925R. J., VineuilFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle529351925U. , UnknownFT3-2C3
740431926M. R., VittelFSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle327791924R. F., FresselinesFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle134701923B. B., Roussy le VillageFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle263041924B. N., ParisFT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle4201922T. C., Le BlancFT2C2
66161922D. R., BlagnacFT2C2
620321925P. G., AuthezatFT3-2C3
336641924F. M., ChagnyFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle634051926P. J., OrgevalFSpec.C3
280901924S. J., ColmarFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle31781922T. J., MagnéFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle106071923V. P., HericyFT2C2
131321923A. Y., MerignacFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle7981922B. A., Arthon en RetzFT2C2
610961926B. F., Saint Didier au Mont d'orFT3-2C3
352701924M. M., ColombiersFT3-1C3
690821925P. G., AuthezatFSpec.C3
568981924D. P., Bois-GuillaumeFT2C3
1039271925P. J. M., La FaurieFT3-2C3
239811924A. J., Vouneuil s/s BiardFT3-2C3
210321923F. J., Saint ErmeFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle28781922G. L., WassyFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle533171925L. G., Boult sur SuippeFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle635791925W. C. &. S., St Paul la RocheFT3-2C3
383111924P. G., AuthezatFSpec.C3
670771925G. D., BordeauxFUndefinedC3
Picture of the vehicle651961925M. G., St Martin de ValgalguesFT3-2C3
250271923N. J.-P., BaudFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle645281925U. , SarryFT3-2C3
453241925D. C., Deuil la BarreFT2C3
41921922M. J., MontmortFTLC2
312871924L. B., Moidieu-DétourbeFVLC3
Picture of the vehicle546471925C. J.-M., CholetFT3-2C3
757351925F. L., St Père en RetzFTLC3
240461924D. J., Trans en ProvencFT2C3
383991924C. P., ReimsFT3-1C3
241481922L. M., Nogent sur MarneFT2C3
UndefinedUndefinedB. M., Châteauxneuf-du-PapeFUndefinedUndefined
Picture of the vehicle26961922M. R., Vic-FezensacFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle432081925P. E., AnchéFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle1023601924A. A., Auxelles-HautFT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle70071922J. I., St Sabine BornFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle173691924C. D., Châlons-en-ChampagneFSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle207161923G. E., Saint-Barthélemy-de-BeaurepaireFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle562991925D. M., ArgentanFT2C3
294581924U. , UnknownFT2C3
308051924G. P., Aubigny-sur-NereFVLUndefined
Picture of the vehicleUndefined1924L. D., Le PoinçonnetFT3-2C3
573731925B. P., St FerreolFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle566031925J. P., VannesFT2C3
353851923M. J., BonvilleFUndefinedC3
54171922M. P., NoirterreFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle73011923B. J. P. L., Isle et BardaisFTLC2
Picture of the vehicle142821923M. d. B. , Cesson-SévignéFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle492161925H. S., AngersFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle667571926M. C., Saulx les ChamplonFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle530111925M. X., St Martin Sur OcreFSpec.C3
335761924U. , UnknownFUndefinedC3
71561923T. J., LovervalFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle123861923B. P., SavignyFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle341331924T. J., NaintreFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle160531923T. L., ChatouFT2C3
686621925R. J. D., RoiseyFT3-2C3
392591923M. A., Cléry St AndréFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle566581925R. F., Neuville de PoitouFT3-2C3
646531924H. J., SarbazanFT3-2C3
1012781923H. M., Champigny en BeauceFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle87881922A. R., GrenobleFSpec.C2
Picture of the vehicle627971925G. J. Y., AuchFT3-2C3
690161925B. J. M., LaonFT2C3
374111924U. , UnknownFUndefinedC3
Picture of the vehicle623621924Le Musée du Train et du Jouet, Arpaillargues - UzèsFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle66631922D. R., Saint Martin de CaralpFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle124971923G. J., MéruFT3-2C3
1021651924R. J., PuisserguierFTLC3
139431923G. G., Vert Saint DenisFTLC2
Picture of the vehicle653011925T. A., PamiersFSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle400751924S. D., BuschwillerFT3-2C3
161161922C. J., Grésy sur AixFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle731381926P. A., ChalagnacFTLC3
17221922B. L., VerdunFT2C2
689211925B. , UnknownFT3-2C3
454071924D. P., Le HavreFSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle664951925F. d. E., BoucéFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle219701924B. C., DannemoisFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle446521924A. D. e. T. , DunkerqueFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle545271925D. A., WattigniesFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle505551925G. G., Saint André de l'EureFSpec.C3
80081923G. J.-F., Ville-HoudlemontFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle71571923G. P., BetschdorfFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle498981925P. J. C., Le Plessis PatéFT3-2C3
44901922L. M., MontferratFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle687481926D. M., St RaphaelFTLC3
653941925G. G., Lamothe MontravelFTLC3
572391925D. P., Le HavreFUndefinedUndefined
48951922S. J., CoubonFT2C2
1027961924H. P., Cosne-sur-LoireFT3-1C3
415941924L. F., Clermont-FerrandFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle118821923D. M., AnseFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle669381924G. M., Thorey-en-PlaineFVLC3
Picture of the vehicle466081924G. P., PoussanFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle689071925B. P., Roche la MolièreFT3-2C3
163521924O. M., AlbertvilleFT2C2
1045801926B. E., Castillon la BatailleFT3-2C3
147991922M. W., Le Plessis-LuzarchesFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle547141925U. F., UnknownFT2C3
Picture of the vehicle141461923Automusée du Forez, St-Germain-LavalFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle30841922U. A., UnknownFT2C2
50551923G. P., Sennecey-les-DijonFTLC2
Picture of the vehicle725431926L. H., FourquevauxFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle56591921D. D., RosheimFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle532201923S. J. P., LureFSpec.C3
1027161921M. M., FloirneFUndefinedC3
689281925R. J., VoisenonFTLC3
1039871925L. G., HambyeFT3-2C3
751901925M. E., HuttenheimFT3-2C3
187141922L. F., SamadetFTLC3
Picture of the vehicle207451924D. M., CaenFT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle42611922U. F., MargencelFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle339431925G. M., Thorey-en-PlaineFVLC3
167971923D. P., Saint Genes du RetzFSpec.C3
41911922G. R., La Villedieu du TempleFT2C2
11521922C. M., La Ferté BernardFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle351961924U. , UnknownFT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle4021922C. J., AllancheFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle138851922B. R., UnknownFT2C2
622581925S. F., RouffachFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle119881923H. J., DinardFTLC2
589641925B. G., ChaussinFT3-2C3
146941923C. P., St JeanFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle169631923G. J.-L., Saint RaphaelFT2C2
Picture of the vehicle188411923T. J.-M., Dangé Saint RomainFT2C2
285921924C. C., Aire sur la LysFT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle288941923D. A., ThilFSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle29101922A. M., OradourFSpec.C2
108561924C. B., VillechenèveFSpec.C3
121961923D. C., AmboiseFTLC2
667841925T. R., LespignanFT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle209121923O. -. M. d. V. , FontainebleauFTLC2
Undefined1926U. P., ParainenFINTLC3
Picture of the vehicle561931922H. W., SchaanFLT3-2C3
533571923D. R., WokingGBT3-2C3
172021923G. R., AlresfordGBT2C2
338551924H. J., HarrogateGBT3-2C3
579181925H. H., South PethertonGBT3-2C3
376831924K. K., LouthGBT2C3
12181922K. J., WisbeckGBT2C2
608121925L. A., SunderlandGBT2C3
7581922R. J., Upton upon SevernGBT2C2
Undefined1922S. P., Rowlands GillGBSpec.C2
Picture of the vehicle313601924W. J. G., Worcester ParkGBT3-2C3
Undefined1926W. M., ReigateGBSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle574231925B. J., Sunbury on ThamesGBT3-2C3
230521924W. C., HarlowGBT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle588231925S. B., WellingboroughGBT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle294001924S. D. R., West SussexGBSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle579991925B. D. K., Redditch, WorcsGBT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle762701926P. R., SittingbourneGBTLC3
134951923H. M., LondonGBTLC3
757731925P. J., Delaware Road, Gunnislake CornwallGBT2C3
Picture of the vehicle722671926H. I., ShillingtonGBT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle114011922The School Garage, DerbyshireGBT3-1C3
783391926S. A., NantwichGBTL
1028711923W. H., AltonGBSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle503901924M. G., HampshireGBT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicleUndefinedUndefinedB. R., LondonGBUndefinedUndefined
275751924B. W., Ottery St MaryGBTLC3
622971924E. A., HerefordGBT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle428121924E. , UnknownGBSpec.C3
240651924H. J., HarrogateGBT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle244511924H. H., South PethertonGBT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle662571926L. Y. J., GranthamGBT3-2C3
70091923M. C., St-FergusGBT2C2
709421925K. J., WisbeckGBT3-2C3
4951921K. G., MaidenheadGBT2C2
Picture of the vehicle64121922R. M., AbingdonGBT2C2
666231925R. K., WalsallGBT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle702381925J.-F. K., Thame (Royaume-Uni)GBTLC3
78331922W. T., ColchesterGBT2C2
566181925W. A., DursleyGBSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle376001924M. B., LingfieldGBTLC3
Picture of the vehicle238591924v. K. A., UnknownGBT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle564101925Sotheby's Holdings Inc., LondonGBSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle377551924G. M., OxtedGBTLC3
Picture of the vehicle159081925The School Garage, DerbyshireGBT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle95101925The School Garage, DerbyshireGBT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle667651925S. R., ShillingtonGBTLC3
Picture of the vehicle705841925S. D. R., West SussexGBT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle538491925L. M., CoventryGBTLC3
692331923G. M., NorwichGBT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicleUndefined1923L. R., Ashurst WoodGBTLC2
Picture of the vehicle609161925H&H Classic Auction Ltd, UnknownGBT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle316731924M. D., BathGBT2C3
416351924H. O., HalsteadGBT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle314161924P. H., ShrewsburyGBT3-1C3
Undefined1924C. J., TeignmouthGBT3-2C3
704281925C. D., LondonGBT3-2C3
300281922F. P., EgaleoGRTLC3
Picture of the vehicle310991924T. S., DramaGRTLC3
641201925R. N., WanchaiHKT2C3
Picture of the vehicle548321925J. K., NerezineHRSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle169411923M. M., Celle LigureIT3-1C2
181551923R. F., ScopelloIT2C3
547701924F. E., VeronaITLC3
Picture of the vehicle348711924P. G., AlbineaIT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle310761924F&F Classic Cars, GalatoneIT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle108281926C. V., VagliaIT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle1027601925U. , UnknownIT3-2C3
639681925R. F., ScopelloIT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle28461922V. R., Calusco d'AddaIT2C2
322511924M. M., SabbionetaIT2C3
Picture of the vehicle697701925A. F., CuneoIT2C3
Picture of the vehicle93001923Museo dell'Automobile, TorinoIT2C2
Picture of the vehicle667511925C. G., BergamoIT3-2C3
589131923R. G., AstiIT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle736741926G. M., CaraglioITLC3
Picture of the vehicle403411922C. E., Tortoreto LidoIT3-1C3
448141925S. D., KilkennyIRLT2C3
Picture of the vehicle561491926Toyota Automobile Museum, Aichi-PrefectureJT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle745921926A. S., Ota-ku TokyoJT2C3
464061924T. K., TochigiJT2C3
691321925O. J.-C., EltzLTLC3
104831923A. J., SaeulLUndefinedUndefined
Picture of the vehicle672711925W. J., PétangeLT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle633021925O. J.-C., EltzLSpec.C3
531661925O. J.-C., EltzLT3-2C3
730331926O. J.-C., EltzLTLC3
Picture of the vehicle603691925O. J.-C., EltzLVLC3
259301924O. J.-C., EltzLT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle317381922B. A., WelfrangeLT2C3
173851923O. J.-C., EltzLTLC2
Picture of the vehicle25041924W. G., DiekirchLT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle723661925M. F., MoutfortLT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle73381923O. J.-C., EltzLT2C2
Picture of the vehicle106551924O. J.-C., EltzLVLC3
Picture of the vehicle408411924D. I., RigaLVTLC3
Picture of the vehicle67531921Monaco Top Cars Collection, MonacoMCT2C2
Picture of the vehicle765341925Monaco Top Cars Collection, MonacoMCTLC3
Picture of the vehicle644391925Monaco Top Cars Collection, MonacoMCT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle317461923G. P., CurepipeMST2C3
59691923S. A., OsloNT2C2
Picture of the vehicle167641925C. F., XW KerkradeNLT2C3
Picture of the vehicleUndefined1925B. B., TilburgNLT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle133551923v. S. P., NaardenNLT2C2
170421923B. J., JoureNLSpec.C2
Picture of the vehicle70091923A. R., RosmalenNLT2C2
741621926v. W. J., Wijk en AalburgNLT3-2C3
501221924S. P., AssenNLT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle684941923R. A., UnknownNLSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle333271924v. R. T., MiddelbeersNLSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle26931922N. J. R. M. R., RotterdamNLSpec.C2
Picture of the vehicle82051922v. M. J. L., StramproyNLSpec.C2
Picture of the vehicle505311925v. S. J., VriesNLT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle1039691925W. , BergeijkNLT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle630981925P. G., BlijeNLT3-2C3
Undefined1924E. E., WolvegaNLT3-1C3
274601923S. P., De HeurneNLT2C3
Picture of the vehicle292061924v. S. M., HoutenNLSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle432041924B. T., ZutphenNLSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle651071926Schipper Classic & Sportscars Nick, AlmeloNLSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicleUndefined1925F. A., AmmerzodenNLT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle364761924U. , UnknownNLT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle103281922N. H. H., ArcenNLTLC3
Picture of the vehicle149401923v. E. C., CothenNLTLC2
Picture of the vehicle94021922S. M., Alphen aan den RijnNLT2C2
Picture of the vehicle95301923v. D. G., RuurloNLTLC2
Picture of the vehicle384691924K. M., AmsterdamNLT3-1C3
115251923d. W. R., KatwijkNLTLC3
Picture of the vehicle57371923J. J., RidderkerkNLT2C3
Picture of the vehicle1801922K. B., ReutumNLT2C2
Picture of the vehicle1371922H.-S. , StreefkerkNLT2C2
Picture of the vehicle533261924B. H., HantumNLTLC3
Picture of the vehicle167011923v. D. G., RuurloNLTLC2
Picture of the vehicle159811923N. , HoogkarspelNLTLC2
Picture of the vehicle768881926S. J., MiddelburgNLTLC3
19451922B. A., LisseNLT2C2
1026391921Wildshut Behee B.V., UtrechtNLTLC2
Picture of the vehicle269541923v. d. P. J. P., CJ SluisNLT2C3
Picture of the vehicle414681924d. H. T., UnknownNLT3-1C3
Picture of the vehicle191641922d. G. P., BT BeeselNLT2C3
Picture of the vehicle1027601924B. K., CulemborgNLTLC3
689241925P. P., LeidschendamNLT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle477571924C. P. B. , BoxtelNLT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle642091925S. R., WessemNLSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle567661925v. H. R. J., VeenendaalNLSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle442191925U. , UnknownNLTLC2
Picture of the vehicle103281922v. d. C. P., HultenNLT2C2
Picture of the vehicle384401924N. H. H., ArcenNLTLC3
Picture of the vehicle494961926N. J. P., DelftNLT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle659681925K. J., GoedereedeNLT3-2C3
636371925v. H. A., MijnsheerenlandNLT3-2C3
746961923L. S., HamiltonNZSpec.C2
94071922C. J., CambridgeNZT2C2
Picture of the vehicle1019911923A. P. R. , CascaisPT2C2
Picture of the vehicle100931923T. P., BydgoszczPLT2C2
Picture of the vehicle10251922K. D., OdolanowPLSpec.C2
Picture of the vehicle639881925B. J., Otwock WielkiPLTLC3
Picture of the vehicle359741924P. Z., JaworPLT3-1C3
27301922K. E., HenanST2C2
Undefined1922P. S., LinköpingST2C2
275221924S. F., Pite-LangnäsST3-1C3
43281922S. M. M. , SkoklosterST2C2
242741924E. H., SlottsbronST3-1C3
671981925L. K., ÅstorpST3-2C3
Picture of the vehicleUndefined1923N. J.-O., KarlstadST2C2
Picture of the vehicle778681926W. P., DjursholmSSpec.C3
Picture of the vehicle128121924L. E., SingaporeSGSpec.C3
143221922R. M., Kostany nad TurcomSKT2C2
Picture of the vehicle9731922R. B., ChicagoUSAT2C2
609761925M. J., HolywoodUSAT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle234831924Western Hemispheres, WatsonvilleUSATLC3
Picture of the vehicle153221923S. G., UnknownUSATLC2
Picture of the vehicle435571924J. P., West ChesterUSATLC3
Picture of the vehicle249381924M. N., SunnyvaleUSASpec.C3
428891923R. J., GreenwichUSATLC3
Picture of the vehicle695671925Lane Motor Museum, NashvilleUSAT3-2C3
Undefined1924W. B., PortlandUSATLC3
Picture of the vehicle126761924R. W., Bainbridge IslandUSATLC2
Picture of the vehicle704301925S. M., PhoenixUSAT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle611981925M. N., SunnyvaleUSAT3-2C3
Undefined1922B.-W. P., Ochlocknee - GaUSASpec.C2
Picture of the vehicle332571924R. S., JohannesburgZATLC3
Picture of the vehicleUndefined1925R. S., JohannesburgZAT3-2C3
Picture of the vehicle450701924S. E., JohannesburgZASpec.C3
Picture of the vehicleUndefined1925R. S., JohannesburgZAT3-2C3

Important hint:
The entries correspond to the moment of the recording time. Because the announcement of owner's change is often omitted, the accurateness of the information on the owner cannot be guaranteed.

Total entries of vehicle: 1337

Last update 11.10.2021
by W.Schafroth, Bösingen

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