Registration Form for Vehicles to be added to the Citroen 5HP (7.5hp) Register

Name: First name:
Road: Country:
Postal zip code Domicile:
Telephone: Mobile phone:
e-mail: Museum
Vehicle identification:      
Serial number: Year of Manufacture:
Modell/Typ: Chassis Type:
Engine number: Body-Number: (if existent)
Ability to drive: License plate
Technical Details:
Steering side: Wheelbase:
Radiator: Manufacturer of radiator:
Louvres: Emblem:
Steering wheel diameter: Coating:
Steering gear: Wheel stud pitch circle diameter:
Räder/Felgen: Color of rim:
Differential:   Gearing typ of crown wheel and bevel pinion:
Wiring harness laid:   Terminal type of the headlamp supply wire:
Rear wheel brakes: Front wheel brakes:
Shock absorber: Montageanordnung:
Manufacturer: Other manufacturer:
Starting handle: Length of the propeller shaft:
Manufacturer's badge: Other badge:
No. of front spring leaves: 5, 7 No. of rear spring leaves: 6, 8
Cylinder head: Cylinder height:
Oil pan: Flywheel:
Timing case cover: Timing gear wheels:
Ignition: Manufacturer/Type:
Dynamo regulator: Starter fixing:
Carburettor/Type: Choke control:
Fan: Gearbox:
Body colour: Color tint:
Mudguard/Fender: Spare wheel:
Door: Door width:
Length of running-board: Running-board:
Original instruments: Ammeter,light switch, ignition switch, choke
Additional instruments: Direction indicator and indicator light, speedometer, clock, charging lamp, Headlamp Dipswitch dip/main,
windscreen wiper,
Interior equipment: Carpet:
Seat disposal: Number of seats:
Hood: Heckfensterform:
Tonneau cover: Side screens:
Windshield/Windscreen: Pivot:
Manufacturer of the windscreen: Tie-rod for headlamp brackets:
Headlights: Diameter:
Boot cover: Suitcase carrier:
Tools and accessories:
Original accessories: Lifting jack, oil can, tyre pump, MICHELIN rim wrench, fuel level gauge.
Original tools: Tool kit, flat spanner for valve adjustment, Wakefield 225mm spanner, all-purpose pliers, double sided screwdriver, magneto adjustment spanner, magneto assembly spanner.
Condition/operation/maintenance :
Condition: Vehicle owned since:
Engine oil used: Gearbox oil used:
Rear axle oil used: Grease used:
Used fuel: Annual mileage:
Original 5HP documents: Maintenance manuals, spare parts catalogue, Repair directory, workshop manual, color swatch, postcards, photosadvertisement posters,
Original leaflets: 1922, 1923, 1924, 1925, 1926.

T2/C2, TL/C2, T2/C3, TL/C3, T3-1/C3, T3-2/C3, VL

Technical reports: Magazine:
Year of issue:
Number: Page:
Last restoration finished: Restoration costs total:
Vehicle procurement: Parts procurement:
Repair costs: Documentation:
Estimated sales value: Currency:
Source (Origin):
Former owner:
Image 1 of the vehicle:
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